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10 Carpet Cleaning Tips To Increase Its Lifespan

Mar 15, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning

Carpet provides comfort and adds aesthetic value to our interiors. So, its regular cleaning is essential to maintain its looks and comfort. Here are some essential carpet cleaning tips to help you take good care of your carpets for their effective cleaning and make them last longer.

Top 10 Carpet Cleaning Tips For Effective Carpet Care

1. Declutter Carpeted Floor Before You Start

Start by clearing out the surface debris on the floor by sweeping or vacuuming to allow it to not get messed up with later cleaning procedures. Also, shift the furniture away to cover all the areas properly without hindrance. This clearing up the superficial clutter will promote thorough and smooth cleaning of your carpet.

2. Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming the carpets thoroughly at least once a week is required. Do it more often if your floor has high foot traffic or have pets or kids at home. If not done, it can cause heavy amounts of dirt to get accumulated which will be difficult to deal with later. Also, use a high-power vacuum for efficient results and vacuum at a proper height to allow thorough suction.

3. Treat The Spills Immediately

Most spills and stains are easier to remove if they are paid attention to immediately or as soon as they occur. This will prevent the spills from deeply entering the carpet layers or spreading to a larger area. Make sure you do not rub or scrub the stains while treating them. This can increase their spread and make them harder to remove.
Also, before you proceed to clean the carpet thoroughly, it is important to get rid of stains and do the spot cleaning first.

4. Use Quality Cleaning Products

Invest in quality cleaning solutions to help ease the cleaning process. Using normal or poor-quality cleaners will not only take much effort in cleaning but may harm the delicate fibres of your carpet.
Moreover, prefer to use eco-friendly products to protect your carpet with safe cleaning for your kids and pets too.

5. Test The Cleaning Solutions Before Use

If you are cleaning the carpet for the first time or whenever you use a new cleaning solution (DIY or store-bought) for your carpet, always consider using it in a small amount at a hidden area to check whether it works properly or not. Many cleaning agents tend to harm the fibres or lead to discolouration. So, this will ensure you verify them first before use.

6. Follow Product Usage Directions

If you have bought a ready-made cleaning solution to clean the stains from your carpet, an easy way to use them is to simply follow the usage guidelines written with it. Some chemicals are sensitive to carpets and need to be used in a certain way only. Therefore it is best to use the manual to get the most effective cleaning results from them.

7. Don’t Ignore Carpet Care Label

One more easily-overlooked thing while carpet cleaning is the instruction label provided by your carpet manufacturer. Each carpet is designed differently and so needs specific care. Different fibres and carpet materials require different methods of washing or cleaning. Thus it is essential to read those labels before you hop on to cleaning your carpet your way.

8. Do Not Oversoak

Soaking the carpet in water or cleaning solutions is crucial while cleaning. It ensures that the soil and other dust loosen up, easing up the further cleaning process. However, oversoaking is not recommended as it will be difficult for you to remove excessive amounts of water later, while also making the drying process longer.

9. Keep It Untouched Until Fully Dried

Whenever you are cleaning the carpet, soaking it, or letting your chemicals react for a while, do not allow any foot traffic on the carpet. Do not replace your furniture until the carpet is clean and dry. For easy drying, open up all the windows, switch on the fans, and use dehumidifiers and ACs to soak up the moisture quickly.

10. Deep Clean Periodically

Apart from regular vacuuming, it is also essential to have your carpet deep cleaned at least twice a year. Regular household methods certainly provide effective cleaning but are not capable enough of eliminating the imperceptible dirt and grime (even germs) accumulated over months. Before the quality of your carpet starts degrading, consider professional deep cleaning of your carpets regularly.


These were some essential carpet cleaning tips to help you improve your DIY cleaning. We hope that the above tips and hacks would help you make your carpet regain its spotless look by making the cleaning process effective.

However, if it is difficult to deal with your carpet or there is heavy dirt accumulation that normal cleaners are not able to remove, please consider hiring professional carpet cleaning services to bring it to its pristine state.